October 2, 2016





Megawati, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Roman Polanski


What do these persons have in common?


The president of Indonesia, 2 of the world’s most famous rock stars and a well known film director?


Most of you would probably say: Not much!


And I agree. Not much! 


But there is at least one thing. These people have all been to Villa Sidemen because they had all heard about this stunning place with the fantastic view. When they visited the villa there was no beautiful infinity  pool and the villa was still not renovated to the exclusive western standard as it has today. But the view was the same…



The former President of Indonesia, Megawati, stayed here three times. We have been told (this happened before our time here) that it was not an easy task to accommodate her. There were around a hundred security men guarding her, they all slept outside in the bushes around the villa in order to keep her safe. The problem was that they all needed food to eat. We are told that they had to help themselves in the kitchen…

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