January 14, 2016




As you may have seen from our website our villa has a fantastic view of Mount Agung, a still active volcano with the latest eruption in 1963.


You will be able to see Mount Agung from many places in Bali as it is the highest - and the holiest - peak in Bali  at 3142m height above sea level. But we think you will get the best view in Bali of Mount Agung from Villa Sidemen!


Climbing Mount Agung is a wonderful experience and highly recommended for those fit enough.


At the bottom of Mount Agung, there are two large temples namely Besakih Temple ( the mother temple of Bali ) and Pasar Agung Temple (the highest elevated temple in Bali). There are two roads to the summit of Mount Agung, the short trip from Pasar Agung Temple and the long trip from the Besakih Temple. We recommend the shorter trip, it will only take half an hour to get to  the starting point at Pasar Agung Temple from our villa.


You depart at 01.00 am from Villa Sidemen to the starting point or Pasar Agung Temple. After making an offering and prayer with your guide at the holy Pasar Agung Temple, you begin the ascent of this impressive volcano to arrive in time to witness the beautiful sunrise and enjoy spectacular morning views ( the whole south and east of Bali as well as Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok). When you arrive at the top of the mountain, you can take a rest and get a breakfast box while enjoying  the sunrise.  It generally takes three to four hours to hike up, however, experienced climbers in good condition hike up in less than two and a half hours and go down in one and a half hours.


For both religious and weather reasons it is not always possible to trek to the summit of Mount Agung. The best time to climb Mount Agung is in the dry season of April to October. January and February should certainly be avoided if possible due to heavy rain, possible flooding and even landslides in the area. We can find out if it is possible to do the climbing when you visit us.


You can find a description of what it is like to climb Mont Agung here:

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