September 13, 2016




One of the favorite activities in Villa Sidemen is our walk to the rice fields just below us where we tell you many interesting things about rice fields and the life in Bali. One of the things that our guests are most surprised to hear about is the bat hunting here.


The local people believe  eating bat soup will cure rheumatic diseases (you need a strong stomach to deal with this). So they hunt bats for alternative medicine and to earn some extra money.


As you may know, bats live in caves and other dark places. But did you know that there are many who live in banana trees? 


The farmers and children in the villages around Sidemen like hunting bats. It is not difficult to capture bats in the banana trees  because they sleep in the middle of the leaves, so you just wrap them quickly while they still are inside the leaf.


Bats are sometimes known as chicken of the cave. The meat is described as having an intriguing almost woody flavor. The bat wings are valued for its unique slightly rubbery texture.


It can be cooked in coconut milk, or cooked in spicy rica-rica, a mixture of various herbs with chilli pepper.


So no need to go to the pharmacy next time you need medicine for your rheumatic disease. Just go out and catch some bats!

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