June 6, 2016


TELAGA WAJA RAFTING, with rapids class II – IV, is considered to be the best white water river rafting in Bali and is becoming more and more popular among white water adventure rafting seekers in Bali. You need take about 2.5 hours to complete the 16 kilometer trip. The river is beautiful with nice rocks and clean water, it flows along the expanse of green fields, hills, valleys, cliffs and waterfalls. It is highly recommended for you who want to experience some excitement in extremely beautiful surroundings while on holiday. Check out this video to get a feeling of what it’s like: https://youtu.be/Gjsb4sCgksM

The main highlight of the rafting is the 5m drop at the end of your journey. Maybe you will close your eyes, but I guarantee you will not be sleeping!   We think this is the best rafting in Bali, better than the rafting in Ubud, and it is only about 30 min. away from us.

It is a half day experience, you leave  our villa in the morning, do the rafting, have lunch at the end of the rafting and get back in the early afternoon. For you late sleepers it is also possible to do the rafting in the afternoon.

You can read many reviews from TripAdvisor here:




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