April 16, 2016




You want to find out more about Sidemen? Here are some websites with information about our beautiful Sidemen:


Mick Jagger, Roman Polanski, President Megawati, David Bowie, Walter Spies, Theo Meier, Soukarno and their connection to Villa Sidemen (formerly called Villa Patal):


A dedicated website for Sidemen:


A blog about a visit to Sidemen. Beautiful pictures!


Wikitravel's info about east Bali:


A video about Ogoh-Ogoh in Sidemen. Ogoh-Ogoh is celebrated the night before Nyepi, when all of Bali (including the airport) stand still. You have to stay  at the premises if you are staying here at Nyepi. No activities outside the villa are allowed on this day. Nyepi is normally in the month of March.


A web site with much information about Sidemen:


An American couple's experience in Sidemen. Beautiful photos!


Sidemen is famous for it's songkets. Here is a site about songket weaving in Sidemen:


About a trip to Sidemen. In French.:


Another French blog about a journey to Sidemen. Fantastic photos!


34 photos from Sidemen:


A cooking class in Sidemen:


Ikat weaving in Sidemen:


Want to buy a house in Sidemen?


A weekend in Sidemen:


Another weekend in Sidemen:


A blog about hiking in Sidemen:


In search for Walter Spies. A well written blog about our favorite painter:


Beautiful photos from Bali. A few from Sidemen:


A short description of Sidemen with a beautiful photo:


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