March 31, 2016


Here is a Canadian family’s  story  about our villa and Mangku Mastra, a holy man from Sidemen:                                                            



Night's Under Mount Agung Volcano, Villa Sidemen Bali

This place is so magical under the moon light as night time seems like a different world and the stars they hover above you so near to Mount Agung it feels like you could reach out and touch them pulling one down to put in your pocket.

Self reflections, self portraits and self healing seem to wrap themselves around you here like a comfort that fills and rises up from the bottom of your soul, certain places have that effect on you, even in a short time they can change you for the better.
The Balinese belive this mountain is the center of the universe, and i can totally agree with them on that. They also say all temples in Bali point towards Mount Agung and its also known as the 8th Chakra point in the world. It's a special place that's for sure.

We spent most nights sitting out here watching the clouds roll by under and over the mountain filling the sky with its ever changing views, always captivating you ever time you stared up and caught a glance of this massive volcanic rock that stands over 10,000 feet in the air.
It cant help but make you feel appreciative of how awesome mother nature really is, like she just dropped this place down from the gods for you to help understand her ways.

We had such an amazing week here with so many great moments that will always fill you when they are needed to look back on, it may sound crazy but I fill like this mountain recharges all the energy back in you, actually it does sound crazy when I say that but that's how I felt.

Tam also had an amazing week here and she spent a few days learning from an incredible man called Mangku Mastra who is a holy man here in Sidemen. He offers two different sessions that help heal your soul. The first one is a chakra massage which is to open up all your 7 Chakra points in your body and Tam said it was the most amazing thing she has ever experienced in her life's not just a chakra massage but it's a life changing event done by a holy man who is known to be able to look inside your soul and also read your mind as's hard to explain as its Tam's story but she said it was crazy the things Mangku visioned in her and how he pulled out all negative energy from her body.......then the next day she spent her time with him learning his ways of meditation and how to practice and channel all your energy to only have positive and no negitive and to keeping your heart 100 percent happy, not to just smile from your face but smile from inside your heart......if you wanna know more about this feel free to message Tam....

It seemed like so many amazing things happened to us in Sidemen.......

For example one night we were all sound asleep and for some odd reason an alarm clock in the room went off out of nowhere, i dont know why or how it we t off but it did...
I woke up confused and hurried over to shut it off before it would wake up Dali and when I looked at the clock and it said was still pure dark out as I stumbled back to lay down, but then it was like something was drawing me to look out the window, so I got back up and when I looked out the window Mount Agung was there staring back at me like a calling to come out and enjoy it's silenced beauty. I could see what looked like a million stars filling the sky with not one cloud in sight. Things like this I can't ignore, it was for a reason I thought, not sure way but I grabbed my camera and tripod and quietly tip toed out of the room as Tam and Dali Man still lay sound alseep.

I really belive in moments like this and to me it was pulling me out of bed to come out and marvel at its beauty knowing I would be leaving soon. So off I wet and as I opened the sliding glass door and walked outside I was greated by a sky like I've never seen before, the stars were shinning like spotlights glowing in the dark just for you, like the whole world was sleeping and this moment was in on its own, I felt emotional for some reason, again I sound crazy saying that but you cant fight those things, they just come from inside you out of nowhere...why did that alarm go off?, it must have been someone calling me to appreciate this magnificent magical moment...and I sure was.

I grabbed my tripod and pulled out the legs one by one as the clicking sounds from the tripod shutting closed were the only noise around me, it was quiet, you could almost hear those sounds echoing through the valley below. I secured my camera on top and setup my remote control so it would take a long 20 minute photo. Then again I pressed down on the camera with a click and opened the shutter to record that moment in time. I felt so happy at that second, it felt like this was exactly where I was suppose to be......then I steeped back and when I looked up at this massive volcano something amazing happen...out of knowhere the biggest shooting star I've even seen came soaring across the sky right in front of that's exactly why I was suppose to be out here I I did what everyone does when they see a shooting star.....I closed my eyes and made a wish...........of course I can't tell you what I wished for cause everyone knows that if you tell someone then it won't come me I made sure it was a good one tho.....
15 minutes later my camera clicked back shut and my photo was done, I made my way back inside as now the sun was comming up...I just laid back down smiling and so thankful for that moment...


The whole story can be read here:



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